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Thank you for another amazing year of capturing your students' special moments at ECDS!


As an act of appreciation, I am re-opening not only the photo galleries from this school year,

but from last school year as well! Until May 31, 2016. This is the very, very, VERY last chance to

purchase portraits and class photos from 2016 and 2015, and events from 2015!


Please note: it's super expensive to host the 1,000s of ECDS images online, which is why an order deadline

is set in the first place. Ordering within the alloted timeframe helps us keep our costs where they are! 


What are you waiting for? Go get those pictures that have been stuck in the vault for all these months!




To protect the identity of your child(ren) all of the galleries are password protected. The password was included in Kim's email.



If you order prints from different galleries, you will be asked to pay shipping for each order. Place the order(s) with the shipping fees (sorry, no way around this).  Once I receive, I will combine your orders and refund the additional shipping fee(s). You will not pay more than $4.95 for shipping. There will be no shipping charges if you order only digital images.


Event Download Plan

The Event Download Plan is valid for the 2015-16 event gallery only. It is not valid for portraits or class photos from either year, or the

2014-15 events gallery. At just $125, it's still cheaper than 4 digital images, so still a great deal! See below for plan details. If you purchased the event download plan last year and have forgotten the download key, send me a quick email and I'll provide it.



This is the very, very, very last chance to order portraits, class photos and 2014-15 event photos.


The 2015-16 event gallery will be live until June 30, 2016. 

2015-16 Galleries

2015-16 Portraits Gallery

2015-16 Class Photos Gallery

2015-16 Event Gallery

2014-15 Galleries

2014-15 Portraits Gallery

2014-15 Class Photos Gallery

2014-15 Event Gallery


Images may be purchased ala carte, in cost-saving packages, and in print or digital format. Packages are listed under the "info" tab at the top of the gallery.



Class photos are available as a 5x7" for $15, or a 8x10" for $17. Be sure to check out each class's "silly" version too!



Be sure to peruse the galleries of images from the following events: Run-for-Education, Dads 'N' Donuts, Holiday Fest, Skate-the-Lake, WISH Upon a Star, Mother/Son Night, the Father-Daughter Dance, and Grandparent's Day. Graduation Day will also be added by Friday, May 27th!



Do you you prefer digital format rather than prints? Then this plan is for you! For less than the price of four digital images you will be able to download as many images as you like from the 2015-16 Event Gallery (only)! How cool is that? Sign up now, because the price increases the longer you wait! Click here to sign up for the Event Download Plan!


Purchase by Nov 20th 2015=$35 

Purchase by Dec 18th, 2015=$65

Purchase by Feb 29th, 2016=$85

Purchase by April 30th, 2016=$100

Purchase by June 30th, 2016=$125



Want a private session with Annie or Katy? All ECDS/Nest families receive a 10% discount off session fees and 1 free 8x10. This applies to kids, newborns, families, sports, dance, muse, and teen makeover sessions. (excludes family reunions, corporate, and senior sessions).



Annie and Katy are ALLLLLLL about improving their services, for you, the families that make ECDS what it is. If you have any thoughts you'd like to share, please do! Click here to leave your mark! We really appreciate it!

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