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I have an iPad and I’m having trouble downloading images.

The online gallery we use does not support downloading to iPads or other mobile devices at this time. You’ll either need to download to your desktop or laptop first and then transfer the images to a mobile device. 

I’m having trouble figuring out how the packages work.

Once you select the items in the packages, the package pricing will automatically calculate for you. Use the Package Builder to drag your images into the package. You may mix and match images in a package. 


My child has some acne we’d like to touch-up. Can you do this?

Yes! Skin smoothing, stray hair removal and distractions in the background will be edited!


Can I substitute some of the items in the packages? i.e. can I substitute (2) 5x7s for (1) 8x10?

Due to the volume of orders, we can not make substitutions for any items in the packages. Please note these packages were created after looking at the most popular size combinations. 


Can I mix and match different poses and/or subjects in the packages?

Yes, you can add as many pose and subject combinations as there are items, if you'd like!


As more questions come in, we’ll update this FAQ, so keep checking back. Please direct your questions to  This is the best way to reach us for anything school-related. Thanks!    

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