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~New and remote students photographed on Feb 2nd are in the first album!





Navigation/Controls: To find your child’s images, simply click on their teacher. New and remote students photographed on Feb 2nd are all in the first album!


When you click on an image, you’ll have the option to “star” it, which will save it in your very own "Favorites" gallery. This is especially handy if you have more than one child and sibling images.

Images are available to purchase in cost-saving packages or ala carte. Click here for a complete price sheet.

Package Builder: The Package Builder allows you to easily select your images into the appropriate sizes to fulfill a package. You may mix and match several poses and subjects within a package.

Digital Files: Purchased digital files can be downloaded to a computer only, they can NOT be downloaded to an iPad or other mobile device. If you are not familiar with downloading digital files you may order a CD for an additional $25. Digital files are sized for printing to 8x10" or smaller.

Retouch: Due to COVID, we were not able to help students comb their hair or wipe their faces. Therefore, retouch services are reduced to $5 per image (normally $15). Please email your request with your child’s name, teacher and image number(s).

Shipping:  All orders will be shipped to the school.

Privacy: Please respect the privacy of your fellow RMAE families. DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE OF RMAE, including family, friends, and especially social media.

For more information, check out our FAQ. If you have ANY questions, please email BEFORE ORDERING.