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Pinnacle Gymnastics images are now online to view!


to access the gallery and place an order!

The password was included in the original email form Pinnacle.

Order deadline May 31, 2022

Extension requests will incur a $20 admin fee*

Orders will be shipped directly to the address provided.

All of the individual images presented in the gallery are proofs and need a little more lovin' on my end. Once an image is purchased, I'll take a final editing* pass and add a studio border, as shown below.

*Editing includes skin smoothing, stray hair removal, and background smoothing. Edit requests beyond this may incur a nominal fee.

    BEFORE                                                  AFTER

ACP LOREZ -2A4A0305.jpg
Girls 5x7H Solo Template copy.jpg
ACP LOREZ -2A4A0477.jpg


Images may be purchased directly online ala carte or in cost-savings packages. Package pricing will be automatically calculated for you in the shopping cart, assuming you add all of the appropriate items. 


Packages include an 8x10 team photo!

Package A | $30 - save $20!

(1) 8x10, team pose

(2) 4x6s, solo pose

(8) wallets, solo pose

Package B | $40 - save $30!

(1) 8x10, team pose

(2) 5x7s, solo pose

(2) 4x6s, solo pose

(8) wallets, solo pose

Ala Carte

(1) 8x10, team pose | $15

(1) 8x10, solo pose | $15

(1) 5x7, solo pose | $10

(8) wallets, solo pose | $15

(1) digital image, solo pose | $35

(8) trading cards, solo pose  |  $20

(1) 3.5" photo button, solo pose | $10

(1) 3x4.5" magnet, solo pose | $15




Boys 5x7H Solo Template copy.jpg

Product Prices

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